People We Share Space With

Kara Szumski

Doctorate of Acupuncture & Traditional Asian Herbal Medicine
Licensed by the Pennsylvania Board of Medicine & NCCAOM

Kara Szumski is a practicing acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist and the owner of Ease Healing Studio. Kara began her training at the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and completed her graduate work at the New England School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, in addition to studying with numerous masters in the field. Kara specializes in Chinese & Japanese Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and holds advanced certification in moxibustion, cupping, prenatal, childbirth and postpartum treatment, pediatric treatment, advanced gynecological disorders, and sports medicine. Kara creates an individualized healing path for each patient and takes pride in her long-standing relationships with her patients, many of whom include multi-generational families who all come to Kara for treatment. Make an appointment through Ease online or contact Kara at (215) 589-4258

Jill Galman

My practice is the culmination of 29 years of continuous professional study and experience, I provide each client with dynamic bodywork expertise from an intuitive, caring, knowledgeable, and individualized perspective. I use versatile and varied modalities in order to create the most supportive and effective experience for total overall well being.

Christy Lee

Christy LeeChristy Lee is a PA Licensed Massage Therapist, with 15 years of experience. Immediately after receiving a BFA in Dance from Temple University in 1996, she completed a 600-hour, Massage Certification Program in Delaware. Christy is trained in Craniosacral, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, Sports, Swedish and Trigger Point therapies. She practices an integrated massage therapy treatment figuring out what combination each body needs at that particular time.

During her dance and massage career, Christy had to take a 5-year respite from both massage and dance due to an autoimmune disease which had been misdiagnosed for 9 years. The proper diagnosis, Celiac disease, finally came after giving birth to her daughter. The diagnosis, and the long path to recovery gave Christy a new-found and learned perspective into her massage practice, nutrition and holistic healing. She now has both a clinical understanding, as well as a knowledgeable empathy that is actively implemented in her care of clients.

Christy practices an understanding that the “road to recovery” is comprised of more than one avenue of treatment. She believes that while every injury is different and requires specialized attention and rehabilitation, it is the continual, preventative practices that are the hallmark of sustained health and well-being. As an LMT, Christy wishes to establish engaged and informed relationships with other like-minded wellness practitioners. She is truly excited to be joining Kara’s team at Ease Healing.

Guest Therapists Melanie Miller

Licensed Acupuncturist and Nationally Certified Herbologist

Melanie first tried acupuncture in the early 1990s, when she sought help with sports injuries.  She soon discovered that the regular treatments lessened her monthly menstrual symptoms.  In her 30s, when Melanie began to develop seasonal allergies, she was able to use herbs to prevent allergic outbreaks, and enjoy Spring again!

After four years of studying acupuncture and Chinese herbology at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York, Melanie relocated to Philadelphia to join the vibrant wellness community here.  The focus of her practice has primarily been the following:

*orthopedic injuries and joint pain, especially back pain, neck pain & sciatica

*menstrual disorders & menopausal support

*digestive conditions, gastric reflux & IBS

*headaches and allergy symptoms

While in school, Melanie participated in several hospital-based programs in New York.  She provided low-cost acupuncture to women with chronic pain at NYU-Langone Initiative for Women with Disabilities, and learned about cancer support strategies at Mt Sinai-Beth Israel Cancer Care Continuum.  Melanie has also been involved in outreach work, giving NADA acupuncture to survivors of sexual harassment/violence at the New York Asian Women’s Center (Pathways to Healing program), and providing free treatment to patients in recovery and the transgender community at Housing Works.

In her free time, Melanie enjoys hiking the Wissahickon, reading mystery novels and practicing yoga. She and her husband live in northwest Philadelphia with a very imperious cat.

Kathy Revelle


Kathy developed an immediate attraction to yoga many years ago, when she picked up her first book from the library. Over the years she kept up her own practice of yoga until naturally, accompanied by her desire to teach, she was led to Yoga on Main’s 200hr teacher training program. She completed her 200hr YTT in February 2011. This training opened her up to yoga on a much deeper level, adding a stronger sense of spirituality to her practice and leaving her yearning for more. In an effort to fulfill that desire, she immediately enrolled in YOM’s 500hr YTT, which she completed in August 2012.
Kathy started teaching yoga in May of 2012 as has been expanding ever since. She has a gentle, yet grounded style which emphasizes staying present, through the breath, while fostering your own sense of calm and relaxation. Kathy teaches a fully guided practice, in the style of Hatha yoga, which helps to increase strength, flexibility, and balance. She has been told that her voice is like receiving a verbal massage 🙂
In her training, Kathy was introduced heavily to Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, India's natural health system. She felt an immediate connection to the understanding of being part of nature (not separate from it) and a combination of the elements along with everything else in nature. She was drawn to dive deeper and so enrolled in an Ayurveda training under Ed Zadlo, through the American Institute of Vedic Studies, which she completed in 2017.
Kathy offers both private yoga sessions and Ayurveda consults. With private yoga, you will be guided through a practice catered to your needs and the results you are seeking. With Ayurvedic consults the focus will be on wellness and disease prevention through diet and lifestyle changes, allowing for a prescription of mantras, asanas (yoga poses), meditation, dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments, herbs, breathing techniques, and other holistic methods.
Kathy is honored to be working with Kara’s team at Ease and, as a native of Philadelphia, thrilled to offer Yoga & Ayurveda within her community.
Please email or call (215) 909-0106 with any questions.